Real-time views of Hongkongers on the protests

RIWI Global Civil Unrest Tracking

By: Danielle Goldfarb and Emily Kuzan

Data is current as of November 21 at 23:00 Hong Kong Standard Time (GMT +8). Read an updated piece published post-election here.

In the week before local elections (November 16-21, 2019), RIWI heard from 1,700+ Hongkongers about their feelings of safety, protest intensity, protest support, and protest participation. RIWI collects broad-based sentiment data, exposing its questions to those representative of the online population. This includes the views of typically disengaged respondents, providing a cleaner signal of true protest activity than typical surveys that gather data from the most engaged and vocal respondents. RIWI did not collect any personally identifiable information from respondents, and gathered these data anonymously.

Do you think the protests will be stronger or weaker next week?



Share who think most of their friends/family support the protests



How do you think Hongkongers should protest?

Ninety percent of Hongkongers are online. Each day, RIWI gathered data from a fresh group of Hong Kong respondents. Anyone online in Hong Kong has an equal chance of being randomly exposed to RIWI’s questions. This contrasts with traditional survey methods that draw on a vastly narrower group of (often) paid, habitual survey-takers that tend to be the most vocal and may be more likely to say they participate in protests.

As with RIWI data collection in all countries, RIWI did not collect, process, store or transfer personally identifiable data in Hong Kong, allowing respondents to provide their views freely and securely, reducing social desirability bias. Respondent count varies across questions because respondents are not incentivized to participate in our surveys in any way and are able to exit the survey at any time.

RIWI tracks economic, social, public safety, and political trends in real-time in all countries. For additional breakdowns of this dataset, and for updated data in real-time, please contact:

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Featured image: V. Yuen/NurPhoto via Getty Images