Global Collaborations

RIWI frequently co-invests with our partners across the globe on interesting and important global initiatives. Click here to contact us to collaborate on a global data collection project with RIWI. Current examples include:

ILGA-RIWI 2016 Global Attitudes Survey on LGBTI People in partnership with Logo

The International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA) collaborated with Logo, the leading entertainment brand inspired by the LGBTI community, and RIWI, in conducting the first global survey to ascertain public attitudes to LGBTI people. RIWI surveyed nearly 100,000 respondents from 65 countries on their attitudes toward LGBTI people and issues. The data were analyzed by ILGA consultants Aengus Carroll and George Robotham. The data are currently undergoing further analysis by statisticians working on LGBTI legal and policy issues at a variety of academic institutions. Read the full report below:

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The Open Government Initiative

In collaboration with the World Bank, RIWI surveyed over 65,000 respondents in 62 countries to understand what people want from their governments. The data gathered were used to provide benchmark evidence on three main areas: (i) citizens’ perception on how open their governments are; (ii) their demand for increased openness; and (iii) the potential impact of increased openness on citizen behavior. The data were visualized at, and all country datasets are available for download for further analysis:

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2015 IRIS Millennials Survey

RIWI collaborated with the iRIS Network on the 2015 IRIS Millennials Survey, a project that had the goal of developing a unique understanding of Millennials, a demographic cohort projected to overtake the baby boomers in 2015 (according to the Pew Research Center). The survey was comprised of over 23,000 online interviews of Millennials (defined as those born between 1980 and 2000) from 23 countries around the globe in 10 different languages. Interviews were conducted using RDIT from March 31 through May 15, 2015. You can view an interactive dashboard to compare survey results to development indicators in each of the 23 participating countries here.

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Aswat: Voices from the Middle East

RIWI and the Munk School of Global Affairs Digital Public Square initiative partnered to build and field the largest ever survey on the role of women and girls across the Middle East. RIWI surveyed over 30,000 citizens in 18 countries, determining how Middle Eastern women and men feel about issues related to women and girls including mobility, education, employment, along with confidence and preference in various political institutions and forms of governance. The findings have been visualized into an interactive online website which engages citizens on these issues and shows users how their own responses compare to their peers. You can view an interactive visualization of the project results at

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More examples of RIWI’s work with clients across various sectors can be found below: