Philadelphia Insight Innovation Competition

Imagined and organized by GreenBook, the Insight Innovation Competition helps budding entrepreneurs bring disruptive ideas to life, while connecting brands to fresh and untapped sources of competitive advantage through deeper consumer understanding.
RIWI Nano-Survey technology innovation in close competition with IBM-nViso as a leading market research insight tool at the Philadelphia Insight Innovation Competition. Voting ends May 28, 2013.

Care at the End of Life

World-acclaimed medical ethicist Prof. Andrew Stark applies RIWI data and analytics on changing US attitudes toward end-of-life care in an essay for the US edition of the Huffington Post called “Susan Sontag, William F. Buckley, Jr. and Care at the End of Life”

New H7N9 Data: An Epidemic Rising in China?

Very important and interesting data found in CEO Neil Seeman’s China Epidemic Report. The study tracked 7,016 Chinese “fresh” (i.e. non-panel based) Internet users – with a 24.08% response rate – over 20 hours. RIWI’s data revealed different levels of intensity of public awareness of the contagion (varying by region and by city) across China.

The dangers of using Facebook to measure hospital quality

“The problem with measurement,” Dennis S. O’Leary once said, “is that it can be a loaded gun: dangerous if misused and at least threatening if pointed in the wrong direction.”
Today, in the era of social media and “Big Data”, researchers and consultants salivate because: a) data (e.g. ‘likes,’ tweets, ‘shares’, links) are freely available and easy to measure; and b) clients and governments have been primed for decades to believe the more data, the better their decisions.
As the political forecaster Nate Silver has noted, “Big Data will never replace thinking or hypothesis-testing.”

The Future of Consumerism

With over 250,000 educated and technologically savvy immigrants settling in Canada each year, Immigration, age, technology and research are inextricably linked to marketing in the 21st century with technology as the ultimate equalizer.