CLSA + RIWI Blue Book

Neil Seeman and Eric Meerkamper of RIWI discuss the crisis of credibility in the market research industry, the challenges of managing data collection, bias and interpretation, and the patented, Nano-Survey ™ ‘Smart Data’ technology RIWI has developed to address these issues. See The Blue Book

The Future of Consumerism Forum

“The Future of Consumerism” – Applying RIWI-powered data on the attitudes of more than 38,000 respondents from the U.S., China, India, and the Philippines, RIWI President Eric Meerkamper presented on the future of consumerism to a forum hosted by Apex Public Relations Ltd. Download the full white paper here.

Global corruption index for The International Association of Prosecutors

At the annual 2012 conference in Bangkok, RIWI presents the first-ever global corruption index for the International Association of Prosecutors (IAP) on what ~400,000 random people in over 150 countries think about a wide number of justice issues, including bribery from different types of government officials, and including different countries’ understandings of how their criminal justice system works. The IAP is the only world-wide association of prosecutors, established in June 1995 at the United Nations offices in Vienna.

XXL: Obesity and the Limits of Shame

RIWI CEO’s global health policy book “XXL: Obesity and the Limits of Shame” (Univ. of Toronto Press, 2011) shortlisted for the Donner Book Prizefor the best book on policy by a Canadian. The book draws on RIWI generated research which allowed the authors to capture real time global health data. These data capture over 50,000 people’s opinions around the world on the proper role of government in obesity policy.

Social media analytics

In a peer-reviewed academic journal, RIWI CEO and Researcher Neil Seeman reviews the limits and benefits of social media analytics in manually scoring sentiment on open-access blogs, using the case study of changing public opinion in Quebec to IVF-funding policy in 2010: Seeman, Neil. “Funding IVF in Quebec: Mining the Web to Assess Public Support for Policy Change” ElectronicHealthcare, 9(4) 2011: e3-e6.
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